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Great Firefox Extensions and Add-ons

logo Firefox is the most powerful, fastest growing browser on the internet. It owes much of its success to both Internet Explorer’s gross failures as well as the strength of its open source community. Firefox extensions are small-ons that can add an amazing wealth of features to the already feature-rich Firefox browser. Here is a list my favorite can’t-live-without Firefox extensions. Know of a really good one I missed? Leave me a comment and I’ll give it a try.

Click on the images or titles to visit the install page of the Firefox add-on and be sure to check back later for additions to this list.

My Personal Favorites


Google Browser Sync: Allows the synchronization of browser bookmarks, cookies, history between different Firefox browsers. This is indispensable for those who use multiple computers on a regular basis. Some prefer the alternative Foxmarks service but if you already have Google account this one is a breeze to setup and use.


Google Preview: Shows a preview of web pages in Google’s search results. This is much more useful than you might think as I can easily pick out website that I recognize/trust from Google’s search results.


Firebug: Essential tool for any web developer. This great extension will highlight various div blocks and css elements on any web page. Slide up panel show both html and css code. Also allows the user to check for errors in css, xhtml, and javascript. Need more? – check out the Web Developer extension.

logo Bookmarks: Easily add, search, and browse bookmarks and tags. is an online bookmark service. Since I’m not into the whole sharing your life with the world thing, I’m glad allows the user to set bookmarks as private. Keeping less ‘important’ or frequently used bookmars in rather than Firefox bookmarks helps to speed up overall firefox perfomace.


Adblock Plus: Make ads disappear! By removing the entire adblock this extension can sometimes allow more space for true content. make sure you disable adblock plus on ;)


Download Statusbar: Great ‘low-profile’ download manager that shows a small download progress bar in the status bar at the bottom of the Firefox window, not much more to say …


Stylish: Allows you to overwrite a web page’s default style with one of your choosing. Combine this extension with Google Reader and the OS X Style Google Reader Theme and you have the best RSS reader on any operating system – hands down!

Reader Recommendations

  • All-in-One Gestures: This extension allows you to execute common commands using mouse gestures, rocker navigation, scroll wheel navigation and page scrolling.

Official Firefox Add-ons Page

Also visit the official Firefox recommendation page here. Just beware that sometimes there are some so-so suggestions (probably influenced by $$) and that bad extensions can have a severe affect on Firefox’s performance.

Have something to add? Send me a message on twitter or leave a comment below.

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