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Recommended Music Download – Spoon


Thank God It’s Monday! This is a regular weekly post of music that got me through the week last week, so I’m hoping to spread the love. This week includes an album I absolutely love: Gimme Fiction by Spoon. You can read some of my random thoughts below, and/or just stream some samples from under the playlist TGIM: 9/17/07.

Spoon – Gimme Fiction

Spoon hails from Austin, TX. What an awesome city for music:

I could do another post just on the bands that come out of Austin, and Spoon would definitely make it in there. I believe they became famous (well, indie band famous) for their album Girls Can Tell, but Gimme Fiction is my favorite. I can’t even give you standouts on this album. Great listen from start to finish. Check out some music videos from two songs off the album below: I Turn My Camera On and The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine. Enjoy…

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