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How to Automatically Accept iChat Messages in Leopard without Chax [Mac Tip]

ichat.pngThis just a quick tip explaining how you can avoid iChat’s ‘accept chat’ dialog without using the popular Chax extension. Chax is great, however, it is currently only compatible with Leopard’s iChat via an alpha build. Furthermore, many of Chax’s most compelling features have been added to iChat by Apple so I’m not sure I’ll be using it in Leopard.

Simply open up iChat and go to the Preferences-Alerts pane and select Text Invitation. Now, check the Run Applescript checkbox and choose the ‘Auto Accept.applescript’ option, see below.


That’s it! Enjoy not having to click accept over and over again all day long and be sure to check out the other Leopard Tips listed below.

Update – Chax for Leopard is finally ready for primetime with its latest 2.1 Beta, download it here.

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