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How to Assign X11 to a Single Space in Leopard [Mac Tip]

spaces-icon.jpg I am enjoying Leopard’s quite a bit, especially now that I’ve fixed the Finder issue that was bugging me. However, one other issue which was of minor irritation was X11 and Spaces not getting along. As you might know you can easily assign /Applications/Utilities/ to a space from within the Spaces’ preference pane. This solution, however, didn’t seem to work very well since X11 didn’t obey the single space rule applied to it. However, I came across a tip which solves this problem by instead of selecting /Applications/Utilities/, press Shift-Command-G to bring up the ‘Go To Folder’ dialog box, then type /usr, and press Go.

Now navigate to /X11/ and then assign X11 to your space of choice. Enjoy! X11 should now behave properly within Spaces. Via [macosxhints] be sure to check out the other Leopard Tips listed below.

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