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Ten Must-Have Electronic Albums: Come To Daddy EP by Aphex Twin

Come To Daddy EP by Aphex TwinThis is the first of ten posts listing what I believe to be essential electronic albums to own in anyones collection. These are not in any particular order, in case someone wants to raise heck for Aphex Twin coming in at #10. That being said, Aphex Twin’s Come To Daddy EP is a great place to start. Why choose an EP and not a full album? Read on (or just click here for some samples).

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#10 Come To Daddy EP by Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin, a.k.a. Richard D. James, heralds back from the days of MTV Amp, back in the early 90′s, when electronic was getting into the limelight with other artists including Orbital and Prodigy. It was a surreal experience for me watching those videos late at night. portrait of richard d jamesThis music can really be a natural high. Aphex Twin, in particular, seems to present his music tongue-in-cheek. The first song of the chosen album, Come To Daddy [Pappy Mix], has been described as somewhat of a jab at Prodigy’s Firestarter. What’s amazing about Aphex Twin is that he seems to never take himself seriously, displaying himself as someone who’s constantly just playing around, and yet comes out with some totally unique and ground-breaking music. He’s known as not playing by the rules, as is evident from this quote from

“James created remixes using none of the source material given (for Nine Inch Nails, he admitted “I never heard the originals…I don’t want to, either”)” – John Bush,

Seems a little strange to me to not have respect or interest in Trent Reznor, whose music has permeated almost every popular genre of music out there. But hey, as long as Aphex puts out some good music, right? That he does. James shows immediately in this EP his ability to combine vastly different styles on one album and have it work (just listen to the difference between the first song Come To Daddy [Pappy Mix] and the second song, Flim — see videos below).


  • 1 – *Come To Daddy [Pappy Mix]
  • 2 – *Flim
  • 3 – Come To Daddy [Little Lord Faulteroy Mix]
  • 4 – Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
  • 5 – To Cure a Weakling Child, Contour Regard
  • 6 – Funny Little Man
  • 7 – Come To Daddy [Mummy Mix]
  • 8 – *IZ-US

* indicates that the song can be listened to in its entirety at Anywhere.FM

Watch Some Music Videos

Come To Daddy [Pappy Mix]

WARNING: This is such stuff as nightmares are made of! Watch at your own risk!


This is a little bit of low-tech goodness (video not by Aphex Twin)

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