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A List of Useful iTunes AppleScripts

applescript-icon.pngHere is a quick list of the iTunes AppleScripts that I find useful. Some people may be surprised to find out that iTunes has ability to run AppleScripts (mac only). Not only are these scripts super easy to install but they might save you a lot of time or even add useful abilities to iTunes. The best place to find AppleScripts for iTunes is Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes. Once you have downloaded some interesting AppleScripts, installing them is painless. Simply open Finder and navigate to ~/Library/iTunes/ (remember that ~/ indicates your home directory) and create a folder called Scripts (if it doesn’t exist already). Now you’ll need to drag any scripts you want to use into this folder. Once you are finished copying scripts into this folder, restart iTunes and you will see a new AppleScript icon in the menubar. Now you are ready to start running some iTunes scripts by selecting them from the menubar.

If you know of a good AppleScript I’ve missed leave me a comment below.

My Top 5 iTunes AppleScripts

applescript-icon.pngMake Bookmarkable: This script will change the file type of the selected AAC tracks to M4B and file extension to .m4b, allowing the items to be bookmarkable. Additionally, with iTunes 7 or higher, the tracks will appear in the Audiobooks Library in the iTunes sidebar. Combine Make Bookmarkable with these directions to import your audiobooks into iTunes.

applescript-icon.pngFind Album Artwork with Google: Performs a Google image search using an Album’s name with the hope of finding the appropriate album artwork. Combine with the Tracks Without Artwork to Playlist script to quickly find album artwork for your entire library. There are more automated ways of doing this, but for someone with lots of albums rather than singles this is a simple and reliable solution. Also don’t be fooled by iTunes’ auto-downloading of artwork since it won’t imbed the artwork in the file so if you move the audio file the artwork is lost. If you prefer iTunes auto-download then use the Embed Artwork script to embed the artwork.

applescript-icon.pngCorral iTunes Dupes: This script uses user-selected criteria to check the iTunes Music Library.xml file for duplicate tracks then collect those tracks into a new playlist called, ‘Dupes’. From this playlist, you can decide which items should remain and which should go to the Trash.

applescript-icon.pngSearch Wikipedia: Performs a ‘Go’ search of Wikipedia in your default browser using the Album, Artist, or Composer tag of the single that is selected or the iTunes track that is currently playing. This is a great way to quickly learn more about an artist or album.

applescript-icon.pngSet Video Kind of Selected: This script will change the video kind property of the selected tracks to your choice of Movie, Music Video or TV Show. Additionally, Show Name, Season Number, and Episode Number can also be set or cleared for each selected item.

iTunes LAME Encoder

iTunes-LAMEiTunes-LAME Encoder: Not technically a script but this program can be added to the Scripts folder to provide an easy way to import music using the LAME encoder. While open to debate, many believe the LAME encoder is superior to iTunes’ encoder. This program also allows you to set the import quality and bit-rate.

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