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A List of iPhone Apps That I’m Enjoying This Week (May 1, 2009) [Review, List]

iphone3g This is the first in a series of posts where I will discuss new (mostly) iPhone Apps that I have discovered. All iPhone apps in this series will be added to the more comprehensive “A List of Great iPhone and iPod Touch Applications” post.

Click on any of the application titles to visit the iTunes store. Be sure to check back for future editions, and if you know of any good iPhone applications that I should try leave me a comment, twitter me, or delicious me the link via for:franklindavis.

  1. Flight Control ($0.99): Flight control is a simple yet incredibly addictive action/strategy game. The objective is to guide various planes and helicopters to their respective landing strips. Sound easy right? Well it isn’t, as more and more planes arrive you will need smart strategy, quick fingers and keen eyes to succeed!
  2. Elemental Monster TD ($3.99): “Elemental Monster TD combines trading cards with tower defense into an amazing new style of game! Deploy the capabilities of these distinctive cards to defend your base against the attacking enemy monsters.” The ability to build up points and buy new units greatly adds to the replay value of this game.
  3. UniWar ($2.99):
    UniWar is a turn-based strategy game that features online multiplayer or solo play. Your goal is to take control of the enemy bases. Think “Command and Conquer” meets “Risk”.
    flight control screen
  4. Blocked ($0.99):Blocked is a puzzle game where you move blocks around with the goal of sliding the blue block out the gap in the side. Simple yet addictive. Features 100 levels of ever-increasing difficulty. Watch out for level 64 — it is a tough one.
    flight control screen

These iPhone apps have been added to the “A List of Great iPhone and iPod Touch Applications” post. Hope you enjoy the list!

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