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A List of iPhone Apps That I’m Enjoying This Week (May 8, 2009) [Review, List]

iphone3g This is the second in a series of posts where I discuss new (mostly) iPhone Apps that I have discovered. All iPhone apps in this series will be added to the more comprehensive “A List of Great iPhone and iPod Touch Applications” post.

Click on any of the application titles to visit the iTunes store. Be sure to check back for future editions, and if you know of any good iPhone applications that I should try leave me a comment, twitter me, or delicious me the link via for:franklindavis.

  1. WeatherBug Elite ($0.99): I used the free version since it came out and I recently decided to upgrade to the paid version for two main reasons. Firstly, to get rid of the space-hogging ads and secondly, to be able to animate the weather radar. Overall WeatherBug is a great app in either the paid or free format.
  2. Park Maps ($0.99): This simple app allows one to download maps of the National Parks for offline use. The app will even place an arrow on the map where your GPS signal is located. Note that some of the maps aren’t high enough quality for this to be used for one’s sole means of navigation (for that you’ll want the more expensive TopoPointUSA). I hike a great deal and I know many ‘purists’ would scoff at using an iPhone while in the woods and I even tend to agree. However, I’ve started enjoying using the iPhone for reading in the tent at night as well as taking quick trail pics (GPS tagging is a bonus). In fact, this little app saved me from a long detour when my topo map became too wet to read and I wasn’t sure which trail to take next.

  3. myWireless ($0.00):This app allows the one to check one’s AT&T account status (minutes,data,sms, etc). Enjoying this app might be a bit of a leap but it is certainly handy and frankly should of been released earlier. One annoyance is that the app forces you to enter your password each and every time. This doesn’t make sense for someone like myself who has the iPhone password protected already.flight control screen
  4. iFighter Lite ($0.00):This seems to be a free preview of an upcoming paid version. If the preview is any indication the full version should be a lot of fun. This game uses the accelerometer to allow you to pilot your plane in 2D space. Note that you don’t have to stay at the bottom of the screen but you can fly ‘forward’ and pick up bonuses.
    flight control screen

These iPhone apps have been added to the “A List of Great iPhone and iPod Touch Applications” post. Hope you enjoy the list!

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